Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where did I go?

Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain

Goodness, sometimes I just don't know what I'm doing. Like that whole Xanga thing . . . Why did I do that in the first place? But life is about trying new things. Like caves, you have to explore them, but you better come back out and see the light before you make a decision.

So I've been wandering a bit. Got that new computer I've been talking about since I filled up all the memory on this one. I got my files transferred and started to work with her. And she sucks for posting anything to the internet! So I set my old friend back up, and here she'll stay, just for the sake of sharing my photography. That's the point of taking the pictures in the first place, right? To show others what you were lucky enough to see.

Funny how this happened. It's been months since I've done my rounds. Sites I used to check every day when I got out of bed in the morning. Two women have particularly inspired me in the past couple years. Jen Gray and Andrea Sher are the reasons I began a photoblog in the first place. They encouraged me take photography to a level beyond anything I'd planned before. Photography became my way of expression. I could make things look the way I wanted them too, without photoshop or anything. Just angles and light. I don't even have a fabulous camera. It's not about the camera I've learned. It's about what you do with it.

And while I'm thinking about all this, Jeff asks me why I haven't posted anything. And between Jen and Andrea and Jeff, I realized how much I missed it. I never got this site to where I wanted it. I've fallen backwards a few steps, but hopefully those steps won't be too hard to regain. I know I've lost whatever readers I had. But perhaps, like I returned to my old routine tonight, others will also return to me.

Thankyou for sharing my visions.

Peace and Safe Journeys


At 10.3.06, Blogger Twilight said...

You found the Twilight Zone! ;) You didn't go to searching for it, I've been here all along ;)
Glad to see you are back at Journey in Time....missed you! And, as always, love the musings and the pics!


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