Friday, March 10, 2006

Photo Friday: Red

Rainbow Hall, Rock City

It was a hole in the side of a mountain. They put a wall along the walk way and put different collored windows all along it. I made Squirrel stand in front of each window for a picture. The pictures all look the same, but one is blue, another green, another yellow, and some a combination of two.

When you looked out of these windows you looked out over Tennesse and the Carolinas. Each window you looked through gave a different hue to the world.

Life is full of windows. What you see depends on what window you look through. I think last week I was looking through a rather blue window. Health wise I was getting better, but I couldn't seem to get out of the slump.

Something turned this week. Nothing in my life really changed, I just started choosing different things to focus on. Brighter windows to look through.

Perhaps it also helps that I'll see that area of the country again in a week. Here I go, falling in love with the south one state at a time.


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