Sunday, April 24, 2005


I first learned about Photo Friday on Andrea Scher's Superhero Journal. I am excited to post for this week's photo friday challenge and make it a weekly exersize.

This week's challenge: Soft

Sometimes our minds and our hearts hold unto things for too long. These things eventually become soft and cold and in time, rotten. They are altogether different from the way they started. Sometimes we don't see what they've become, though. We keep holding on, with an image in our head of a far distant memory. It's when you can make yourself look it in the face, and see what the present reality is, and admit to yourself that you've held unto these false or faded truths that you will truely begin to let go. Then instead of having a false reality, you can treasure it as a beautiful memory.

"Let go. Exist real."
My New Years Mantra in the glass house.

Love and safe Journeys


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