Saturday, March 05, 2005

A Beginning

Every journey has a beginning. I've been traveling for a long time. That doesn't necessarily mean I've been physically traveling (though I've been doing that too), it's more of an internal journey that has taken a world tour in the past year. I don't know where this journey is taking me, but in life, it's the journey that is so much more important than the destination.

I've come to a standstill this weekend. I sat with Pepe (our mini dachshund) for an hour unable to find energy or motivation to even consider eating something. Then for some reason I remembered an online journal a friend and I shared years ago. I thought of some online journals I've seen people use to post photography. I thought about the website that is not progressing because I don't have the ambition to open my laptop. (I'm using a roomate's computer right now)

Perhaps a way to get out of a standstill is to begin something new. I cannot even get myself excited right now about the bike I put on layaway yesterday (there is still snow on the ground, I don't need a new one for another month).

This computer has some sort of a pop up blocker and won't let me upload any photos. I'll have to use a different internet connection for that. Until then I might as well introduce my web page. I have only begun to learn HTML. The web page that exists is entirely made in crapy microsoft word formating. Hopefully I will one day change that. Eitherway, it is a work in progress, and a deffinite learning experience for a woman lacking in computer knowledge.

I used to email people. I used to email people a lot. But I found I was rarely writing because I had things to say speciffically to them, I just had things to say. And it's more satisfying to know that there is a possibility of your thoughts being read. That they won't be lost in a tangible journal hidden underneath my bed. But there came a time when I was emailing people too much, and so I began a web page. This though is different. This I can access anywhere I can find an internet connection. No need for my saved files or programs for posting on the internet. Good old have someone do it for you internet log. I like this right now.

And I just realized that this computer will not let me use the spell check either. I have horendous spelling. Perhaps it is better to not use spell check. My bad spelling is part of who I am.

Thus ends the first post
I look forward to seeing what develops

A peaceful wanderer


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